You’ve probably heard about Squid Game, the dystopian South Korean drama which has become Netflix’s most popular series yet, drawing 111 million fans all over the world, since its debut less than four weeks ago.

The 9 episodes show is more than just entertainment, it’s full of lessons — including…

An updated version of the Nkwa App has been available since February 14 and this is what is NEW. We took into consideration a lot of feedback from our fast-growing community of users to be able to craft an app that they will enjoy using every day.

We recently celebrated…

It’s the beginning of the year, a prime time to start focusing on what’s going on with your money. With the right knowledge in place, you can stick to your financial resolutions and end the New Year in a better place than 2020 was.

If like many at this time…


The smart way of saving your money! Take action on your dreams at

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